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guibor_p -> Multiple Routes To The Internet??? (22.Jul.2002 10:03:00 PM)

My client has two (full T's) routes to the Internet with a WAN in between them and there is an ISA server at each entry/exit point to the internet. If one of the T's should go down (which they do) I want to dynamically route internal internet requests to the ISA server who's T1 isn't down. On the dirty side of the ISA server at each location is a Cisco router that actually provides the interface to the internet. Via RIP and EIGRP I can propagate the state of either T1 though my WAN no problem and reroute internal internet requests accordingly to the direction of the ISA server/Cisco router who's T1 is up and functioning.

The problem is, all of the users at all locations use the fire wall client, and within the client config is the name of the single ISA server that services that local segment. I know that there is an option in the ISA server that allows me to specify a backup ISA server but correct me if I am wrong, but that would only work if the ISA server is down and not responding. Which does nothing for me if the problem is actually the T1 going down.

To further compound the problem a proxy server (ISA server) is statically set in each and every one of the users web browser.

So the question is, can I get the ISA server to dynamically forward packets to the alternate ISA server based upon weather or not a SPECIFIC route exists in its routing table and can I get user logging to occur from the ISA server if the firewall client is not used and since the firewall client is used, do I need to specify a proxy setting in the client web browser?

Sorry if I am not clear with the above scenario but I would be willing to call someone to discuss this situation.

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