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jgisler -> strange issues (27.Sep.2002 8:47:00 PM)

I have an ISA w/SP1 machine running on adv. server w/SP3 without AD. It's running in firewall only mode. I have identical machines & they are fine. With this one machine, I have a protocol rule for all web access. I also have an allow all rule for site & content rules. When I create & activate a rule to block a specific destination set, which is one url, the firewall clients can no longer commicate with the ISA server. I get really strange error's like the following, Server Suddenly disconnected. Possible cause: The client version may not be supported version of client software. Which is wacky. If I remove the rule, all is fine. Am I creating the rules incorrectly? I have an identical machine & when I create the same rule it doesn't do this. Any help would be appreciated. Also when the firewall client's can't talk to the ISA server, the proxy service does function & work fine but all firewall client stuff is dead.

tshinder -> RE: strange issues (30.Sep.2002 8:13:00 PM)

Hi J,

Are you publishing a DNS server? I've noticed this happens from time to time when there are DNS server publishing rules.


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