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Tyler -> FTP Problems (5.May2003 9:58:00 PM)

I am getting errors trying to use FTP from firewall clients.

If I'm in CuteFTP, I get:

"Can't setup data socket for listening".

If I'm in the FTP.EXE program, I get:

"bind :Can't assign requested address".

I read the posts about ftp -a, but that won't help in all of our problems.

What do I need to tweak in CuteFTP?

Here is what I have for a configuration:

BOX #1
SBS2k server @
I am NOT using ISA on this.

BOX #2
ISA Server @ (internal)
This card *is* in the LAT.

ISA Server @ (external)
This card *is NOT* in the LAT.

This is @

DSL modem
This is connected to the router.

This setup is per Microsoft tech support because I need port-level access through the ISA from SBS2k and this is not possible by going SBS2k > ISA > DSL. The router is supposedly needed and used as a gateway directly from the SBS2k box for the port-level access to the 'net.

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