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kersh77 -> Problems with Windows Messenger (19.May2003 11:08:00 PM)

Two weeks ago, Windows messenger has stop working in my organisation. I am running ISA server on Win2K server. It has been up for around 3 months now. I have not restricted access on any of the messenger services so everything was working from a default install of ISA server. ISA is also setup as a proxy.

Now the strange thing is that my clients have the Firewall client installed on there machines and on my computer it is not. I can connect to Windows messenger but when I try to change the user it does not connect. I am totally stumped and need someone to help me before I go crazy. I have tried to open the ports by using the MSN messenger tool vbs script but no luck still. Apart from that, I have used Trillian on a user computer and log into Windows messenger, I cannot receive any messages and then after a minute it disconnects. Please let me know of a solution. Thanks in advance. "[Frown]"

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