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dsilvaroshan79 -> Firewall client on Windows 98 (11.May2005 11:14:00 AM)


I have ISA 2004 installed in my network. when i configure the Firewall client on a windows 98 machine to connect to this firewall client, im unable to connect to the ISA server.It shows me a Red cross on the F/w client in the system tray. The web services work fine.i.e im able to access internet pages through internet explorer, since the proxy is configured to access through the same ISA server.

But when i try to access email through POP3/SMTP which connects to a server on the internet using Outlook Express, im unable to connect.

I noticed on the ISA server that, im getting logs for port 1745 as initiated connection and closed connection.

Does anybody know how to get a workaround to this problem.


dsilvaroshan79 -> RE: Firewall client on Windows 98 (11.May2005 11:26:00 AM)

Hi Guys,

Sorry for posting ISA 2004 related topic in ISA 2000, But please if u can suggest do look into the same post out there.


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