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Tom Decaluwe -> HTTP 502 Proxy Error (3.Nov.2005 5:03:00 AM)

Hi everyone,

I'm having an issue setting up an outbound rule on my ISA 2000 system.

One of our developers is working on a websphere server in a remote site. To do some administration he needs to connect to a URL:


To enable this i
1)installed the firewall client on his pc
2)created a protocol object for TCP 8000
3)created an allow rule for the protocol and added his user name to the allow users.
4)restarted the proxy and firewall service to make sure all changes take affect

The thing is he can now connect to the server using http://<server>:8000/adminconsole but this gives him a smimple page

but when he tries the correct url httpS://<server>:8000/adminconsole he gets an error of this type:

HTTP 502 Proxy Error - The specified Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) port is not allowed. ISA Server is not configured to allow SSL requests from this port. Most Web browsers use port 443 for SSL requests. (12204)
Internet Security and Acceleration Server

It seems that the Webshpere server is using hosthearder information differentiate between the http and https prefix and the isa can not cope with this?

Has anyone run into this problem before?



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