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Bri_Roy -> What am I doing wrong. (18.May2004 1:33:00 AM)

I'm trying to configure a secure nat client on a "complex network". The host is sitting behind 2 internal routers on a network with both routers configured to route internet bound packets to the internal interface of the ISA server.

The host(A web kiosk with limited configuration options) has a default gateway of the first router.

My understanding is that my host is now a secure nat client. Is this correct?

The host is a bar web kiosk and configuring it as a web proxy client enables internet traffic to the box. However any other traffic appears to be blocked. Which would make sense.

My second question is, how can I set up ISA to allow other traffic to and from the the web kiosk?

Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated.


spouseele -> RE: What am I doing wrong. (18.May2004 7:59:00 PM)


check out http://www.isaserver.org/tutorials/Designing_An_ISA_Server_Solution_on_a_Complex_Network.html .


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